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Vlach Construction has been in the earthmoving business for over 50 years. Our work has concentrated on soil conservation dirt work with a wide variety of projects such as leveling fields for gravity irrigation, building dams in pastures and shaping fields for new pivots. Our business has continually evolved to meet the needs of our customers.

In the last 10 years our local area of central Nebraska has experienced a noticeable rise in the water table which has led to much of our best ground becoming too saturated to raise crops to their full potential. To meet that need, Vlach Construction has added a Wolfe 250 tile plow to its arsenal of equipment which has allowed us to install tile in larger areas, with better accuracy, in less time – resulting in a quality installation for our landowners, done right the first time to maximize their investment.

Vlach Construction

Drain Tile Installation

We install our tile with a combination of laser and GPS controlled equipment which provides accurate and consistent tile placement throughout the project. Our plow is able to install tile up to 12" in diameter. Different soil types require different types and sizes of tile. Vlach Construction is skilled in determining the right tile for your project and installing that tile to maximize the efficiency of the system.

Vlach Construction

What Can Patterned Drainage Do for You?

There are many research projects relating to patterned tile taking place at University Extension Centers across the country. In order to help our customers understand some of the advantages, we recommend you check the sites below:










Vlach Construction

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